Professional training in the area of security, with what is most current in the business. Training, consultancy, lectures, we fix the project directly in need of customer.

We are one of the largest companies in the field of training and development teams, with a diversity courses. Our team is composed for professionals highly trained and competent with just one intention: to offer a good solution to our customer.
We market acting in more than fifteen years , come TIAT the expanding base of business, creating and executing project safety geared to the corporate segment.

So, we work towards identifying and implementing solutions in a personalized way, sensitizing customers about the importance of staff training and analysis of risk management.

we operate in the areas:

  • Training brigade fire and emergency.
  • Pre-hospital care technician.
  • Redemption in height.
  • Rapel tactical.
  • Non-lethal technologies.
  • Consultancy in public and private security.
  • Business intelligence.
  • Technical training.
  • Risk managemnet.
  • training leaders.
  • development of high performance team.
  • instructions, lectures and training.